Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of our company are related a lot to the Privacy Policy. We warmly welcome you to our company Totally Mystique’s and request you to go through company’s Terms carefully before starting to browse our website. The terms and conditions are made for each one of our visitors. So, you have to obey the terms carefully in order to keep browsing our website.

  • The information present on our website is here only for the sole purpose of giving you some general idea about our products. The data is submitted voluntarily. So, if you find any kind of mistake in the give information, the company will not be liable for its inaccuracy.
  • It is requested to all the visitors of our website to carefully compare the information on our website with their other known sources. We do not take any kind of responsibility for any kind of misinformation.
  • You will find lots of external links on our website. We have put those links for the purpose of giving you some idea about our products. We do not promote any of those links through our website.
  • Most of the things are copyrighted on our website. So, if anyone is found copying any of the content on our website like the name of the company, logo of the company, etc then they should be ready for some legal actions.

The company has the authority to change any of the Terms and Conditions at any time according to company’s suitability. So, it is requested to each one of our visitors to check the terms during each one of their visits.